About Dr Dunlop


Dr Catherine Dunlop is an experienced ophthalmologist. She is a Novocastrian who lives and works in this area.

In 1986, she joined Dr DB Dunlop (her father) and Mrs P Dunlop, orthoptist (her mother) in practice at 66 King St, Newcastle. In 1998, Dr Anthony Dunlop (her brother) joined the practice. The practice records date back to 1930's.

She opened and worked at her Nelson Bay branch practice for 10 yrs and at her Maitland branch practice for 3 yrs while continuing to work in Newcastle. For 8 yrs she also worked once a month with Dr Benecke in Hornsby.

From 1987, she has been Clinical Coordinator and Conjoint Clinical Lecturer in Ophthalmology at the University of Newcastle, helping to train medical students.

Dr Dunlop has combined her interests in ophthalmology with a busy family life with 4 children.



BSc (Med) - University of Sydney

MB BS (Syd) - University of Sydney

FRANZCO - Fellow by examination

FRACS - Fellow

Jampolsky Fellow in Strabismus USA


Volunteer Work

1980-1990's -teaching physiology for FRANZCO Part 1 course

1990's - local ophthalmologist for interviews in Glaucoma Week (radio, TV)

2015 - teaching neuro-ophthalmology (1 week) at Fred Hollows Hospital, Fiji

1987-2023 - Clinical Co-ordinator and Clinical Lecturer for Medical Students in yr 3 Ophthalmology

participation in medical student application interviews, University of Newcastle

2023 - Peer Educator for Health Promotion Service for Older People (HPSOP)


Keeping up-to-date

Prior to Covid Dr Dunlop  attended conferences in Australia and overseas. She regularly presented papers at Australasian meetings. Currently the continuing education involves virtual meetings, journal reading, viewing of clincal eye procedures/operations videos and audit reviews.


Associations and Memberships

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists - Fellow (by examination)

Royal Australian College of Surgeons -Fellow

Jampolsky Fellow in Strabismus, USA

American Academy of Ophthalmology - International member

American Cataract and Refractive Society - International member

Neuro-ophthalmology Society of Australia - member

Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists - associate

Australian and New Zealand Strabismus Special Interest Group

Australian and New Zealand Paediatric Special Interest Group

Hunter Ophthalmic Group


Research Interests.


BSc(Med) – Muscle physiology: changes in slow and fast muscles after denervation

Botulinum  toxin treatment – since 1986 Dr D B Dunlop and I have been using this muscle relaxing toxin to weaken eye and facial muscles

Pupil changes with Strabismus.

Dilation of one pupil is a unique and new observation associated with unilateral intermittent exotropia (one eye turns outwards especially when it is glary or the person is sick/tired)


Atropine eye drop treatment – very low dose used to slow progression of myopia

Myopia research project -  2015 Prof Sally McFadden  Dept of Psychology, University of Newcastle



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Dunlop C

Guest Panelist ISA Terminology Committee

Pages 73-85 (in above)


Little Bitz Magazine (on-line)

Articles 2002-2005:

What to do when your baby’s eye is turned.

What to do when your baby has a watery, mucky eye.

Learning about: Visual Development and Crossed Eyes.

Your Home Eye Check.

Eye Colour.

Blinking in Childhood.

Learning about Dyslexia.

Home Eye Emergencies with your children.

Babies and children with Down’s Syndrome.

Starting school – Remember the Eyes.

Babies and children’s photos – using the red reflex.

Understanding Long sightednesss.

Understanding Blocked tear duct/ watery eye in Babies.


Dunlop C

Is it Time to Review the Screening Guidelines for younger Diabetic Children?

Letter to Editor

MJA 2006; 184(9): 476


Dunlop C

Ipsilateral pupil dilation associated with unilateral intermittent exotropia:

a new observation

CEO 2011; 39(8):839-841



Dunlop C  - contributor,

Sudden Change in Vision Health Pathway

Hunter New England Local Health District



Teaching - Medical Students yr3 Ophthalmology from 1987

Introduction to Ophthalmology


Medical Student Practical Information Sheets:

How to test Vision

How to use Slit-Lamp



Current Appointments.

Co-ordinator and Clinical Lecturer in Ophthalmology, University of Newcastle

VMO Lingard Private Hospital, Merewether

VMO Hunter Valley Private Hospital, Shortland

RANZCO representative for Hunter Postgraduate Medical Institute