Baby/Child Appointments

Appointment for your Baby or Child

The appointment will last up to 2 hours. Please bring water or their favourite drink and a toy (no sceeens)

What to bring with you:

medicare card, pension or health care card referral letter/s
STEPS sheet (bottom section to be filled in by Dr)
Any glasses, prescription/script information
Any previous letters or information
1-3 photos on your phone of what you see               eg eye turn, lid position, redness etc
Hat and sunglasses for afterwards


The appointment is usually in 2 stages.

1st stage:

Your information sheet

Initial history, measurement of glasses, testing of vision

Dr Dunlop’s specific history and testing

Dilating drops – There are 2 reasons to use drops.

1. to open the pupil so that the inside of the eye, (the retina, macula and lens), can be checked. It will be very bright afterwards. A hat and sunglasses are suggested after the appointment.

2. to stop the eye focussing so Dr Dunlop can measure how much effort the eye truly uses to see clearly, (the more effort, the more the eye pulls inwards). It is very important for both eyes to be measured and the measurements compared to each other and to the expected measurements for the baby/child’s age. The eyes will be blurry. The children will notice it blurry. It will wear off in 12-24 hours. (I rarely need to use the stronger drops which last 3-5 days). Please avoid schoolwork, reading and small technology for 12-24 hours while the eyes are dilated. TV viewing is fine, (we advise no school for 24 hours).

The wait time will depend on the colour of the eyes and   whether the eyes are equally dilated. NB extra drops may be required.


2nd stage:

Dr Dunlop’s measurements and refraction (a light is used - babies can be checked while asleep)

Review of the eyes with light – check retina, macula,  lens and compare each eye

Discussion of the results/answer your questions

Dr Dunlop’s summarised information sheets to take home

Plan management

Suggest preventative/active treatment if required

Suggested follow-up time.