Why See Us?

Dr Dunlop is an experienced ophthalmologist. She joined Dr DB Dunlop (her father) and Mrs Dunlop (orthoptist)  at 66 King St, Newcastle in 1986. Dr Anthony Dunlop joined in 1998. She has combined her interests in ophthalmology with a busy family life with 4 children. She opened  and worked in her Nelson Bay branch practice for almost 10 years and her Maitland branch for 3 years while continuing to work in Newcastle. In 2009, the Newcastle practice moved to the Hamilton location.


*Dr Dunlop has had extra training in strabismus (squints/eye turns) both in adults and children

After her ophthalmic training, she undertook further training in San Francisco, USA in strabismus. She learned two major advances.

1. The adjustable suture technique was pioneered by her mentor Dr A Jampolsky.

2. Botulinum toxin (Botox) was developed for babies eye muscles by her mentor Dr Alan B Scott.


* Dr Dunlop uses Botox for facial muscle spasms, hemifacial spasm, blepharospasm and strabismus

(NB only medical conditions, not cosmetic)


* Dr Dunlop has a special interest in preventing glaucoma damage


* Dr Dunlop is one of only a few surgeons who has experience in the 4 different cataract operation techniques

Dr Dunlop offers laser assisted cataract surgery at Hunter Valley Private Hospital. Routine phacoemulsification surgery is available at either Lingard Private Hospital or Hunter Valley Private Hospital. Extracapsular cataract surgery technique is only rarely required in complex conditions. Intracapsular surgery is very rarely used.

* We have an experienced team

It can be a little challenging with small children and very elderly patients.We are a team which work well together.

*We like to listen

Many patients are worried – is what they have read going to affect their vision?

* Discussion of your problem/concern

Dr Dunlop likes to discuss the options and plan how to manage your particular problem/concerns

*Time for questions

Dr Dunlop likes to answer your questions. Bring a short list if you find it easier.

* Brief practical information to take home

Dr Dunlop has personally summarised many topics so her patients can take home a sheet of practical information in everyday language.

* Access to family history records

We have patient records from the 1930s to the present available on site. You will not be given any information about your relative’s medical/eye history. However it is very helpful for Dr Dunlop to check your family history of lazy eyes, eye turns, glaucoma and macular/retinal conditions. In the modern world many records are lost. Our records are helpful in determining if, when and how much treatment may be required. Dr D B Dunlop operated on the majority of eye turns (strabismus/squints) in children in this district for over 40 years.

Our staff will search our records if you think you may have had a relative treated by Dr D B Dunlop, Mrs Dunlop (orthoptist-eye exercises) or their partners Dr Hughes, Dr Waugh or Dr Pountney.

* Relevant assessments

We will organise only relevant assessments and tests. These are based on the risk of conditions affecting your vision.

* Referrals for further discussion/treatment

Dr Dunlop will offer referral to skilled and respected colleagues. Some tests for genetic, retinal/macular conditions and neurological conditions require specialized tests and interpretation of the results. Sometimes you may require specialised treatment of the eyelids, retina/macula or glaucoma. Dr Dunlop will refer you for this.

* Summary letter of treatment when you relocate

Defence employment requires some families to move interstate. Dr Dunlop will send a referral letter to a colleague who is skilled in the particular eye condition, when you are moving away from this region.